[Poll] What should the first screen on mobile app contain?

Got some feedback about this I’d love the opinions from you guys!

By the “first screen” I mean the first thing you see when starting the app (not the splash screen that has the logo and name). It will show when the app first starts, but not when you resume Dynalist while it’s already running in the background.

  • The last visited document/item
  • The files
  • The bookmarks
  • File/bookmark pane, depending on what was last visited
  • Other (please comment)

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The features of Dynalist are great, but as of now it doesn’t do a good job of capturing information. Even as a Pro user, we still can’t upload anything from mobile nor can we forward emails in. If I want to save a simple link to something (website or file), I have to search for a good location to store it (or make up a default Inbox and load it to save content there). The mobile apps should focus more on saving content quickly and/or easier retrieval.

What about an input box as an opening screen? A blank box with a cursor ready to accept any input that saves to some ‘Default’ document…the same way you turn on Google Calendar Sync on a document, create a ‘Make DEFAULT document’ menu item that all new content from.this screen gets saved to.

If you have screen real estate left, add choices for where to navigate to. ‘Default’, ‘Last used’, or maybe type the document name with auto complete suggestions.


Interesting idea, unfortunately I can’t edit the poll now.

If you like what @Keith_Crone proposed, please like his comment!


This is right on! I would love to have a place to capture anything and not worry about the structure, placement or style.

The ability to quickly capture is really important to me. The capture screen should have both the title and note field present regardless if it used or not.


well the ability to use Draftsapp with dynalist would help in that regard


Do you mind explaining a little more? Use Drafts with Dynalist how?

I believe Nicholas is referring to the Drafts app for iOS which would likely require a mature iOS specialized Dynalist app.

I did Google up the Drafts app, I’m just not sure how they would work with each other. Like use the Drafts app to capture things to input into Dynalist?

I have my guesses but his description was pretty vague. Just want to get a more clear version, that’s all!

Sorry, yes, Drafts app is ideally a one stop shop for all data entry. Think of something you need to write down, open drafts, write it, then think where you are going to send it to - a specific note in Evernote, the clipboard etc.

Workflowy doesn’t have any Drafts app function, although they DO have Memoflowy, which works a bit like Drafts and will add text, with various additions and processing specified by you, to a specific bullet in workflowy.

So for example I have a note in Evernote where I track my weight. I write the weight it in drafts, press the appropriate button in drafts and it gets appended in the Evernote weight note, with the date prepended etc. I’d just started using Memoflowy in the same way in Workflowy when I found dynalist.


I second the drafts idea. I guess it doesn’t have to share the content to another app, since I’m ok with Dynalist holding it (although having a share option in the per/line menu would be useful for those who need it).

The Drafts idea excels in that:

  • No scrolling is required on startup.
  • Literally the least amount of steps required, as all I have to do is open the app.
  • You can format text easily with a WYSIWYG editor that is stuck to the top.
  • Once you’re done, Dynalist syncs it. (autosave would be a plus, in case the draft can be easily exited out of for whatever reason)
  • The document it syncs to could be pinned at the top…
  • Set it to save at a certain document, which could be changed later.

Which brings me to my other idea that might not require as much development, which is merely adding a sort by recent files option (or having that as the default) for the file manager, along with pinning files and folders, so that way I can jump to things quickly. Either that, or swap it with the bookmarks tab and have that appear first. But in case I didn’t want to bookmark everything, having recently edited files at top would be great. (Making this a pro exclusive feature may or may not cause headaches, since it could devalue bookmarks.)

“First screen” could be a preferences setting, defaulting to last visited document/item.
Otherwise Keith_Crone idea is interesting too.

Maybe a better suggestion is to first support Share Extensions in the iOS app so that Drafts, Editorial and [name your fav app here] can get content into Dynalist.

I think a lot of us have unique ways of using Dynalist, and this is an important thing to keep as an option.

Personally, I want my home view to be the topmost item of a document which I choose.

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Like an Inbox list?

Right now it looks like this:

And it is basically my homepage.

I don’t use the file or bookmark pane. I prefer to think of everything as being within this tree, or else it gets too confusing for me.

But after rereading your post I think I misunderstood and was making too big of a deal out of this. I realized that this would only affect me when the app first opens, but I will probably keep it running in the background all day anyway. So I take back what I said about needing a setting for this.


Thanks, I see!

You mentioned that you don’t use documents or bookmarks at all, how do you get around in Dynalist then?

I think I tried showing that off a little bit when I made that “Usages of Tagging” document (which I need to update with my current system). Tags allow me to put an item into multiple groups, whereas trees only allow you to have a single parent.

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Yes, an input box as an opening screen. Maybe an icon/widget to add stuff directly into this inbox document as well.

bellow the input “blank box” some links to recently visited documents and bookmarks.

I really like this idea.


Also, you can bookmark items so that way you can quickly find them via Ctrl+O’s bookmark and document search. (Which is obviously easier on the desktop.)

I can also just search for them in the normal search box. I’ve got so much different stuff in my lists its not worth it to remember what is a bookmark or document and what is an item in the list. So I just keep everything in one document as items.

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