Point out which settings require a reload after enabling

  • Toggling the spell checker
  • Displaying images inline.
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Do you mean “point out” in the title?

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Yes, thanks for catching it.

I believe this one is because of the browsers. Browsers like Chrome would not redo all the spellchecking because we flipped a switch - you have to type things in order to make the red lines appear. We apply the changes on our end right away.

This is a bug that we’re tracking… not super priority but will get fixed soon.

In general we try to apply the settings without needing a refresh, like changing themes etc. Let me know if you find more cases of this bug!

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Thanks for explaining, I’m glad that they happened to coincidences in some way or the other, haha.

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This one is fixed in the latest version.

As for toggling the spellchecker, I believe we really have no say in how exactly it works. We did turn it on immediately.

@JP1 I’m tagging this feature as implemented if you don’t mind. (First implemented feature, woohoo!)

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(If it’s bad to revive this topic, I’m sorry. I think only half of it was really solved and I wanted to keep the past context)

I’m using Chrome on MacOS, and indeed a reload is needed before spell checking being disabled takes affect, although enabling it shows the red squiggles without a refresh.

If this behavior is down to the browser, might it be a good idea to discreetly acknowledge the toggle-spell-checker command, with a pop-up or something? I would like this even when spell-checking is enabled, because when I have no mistakes in my visible document, I get no indication that the option has been enabled.

I’m basically thinking of the status bar in Sublime Text, which shows a message for a few seconds when a non-visible event such as a ‘save’ occurs.

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