Please prioritize parity across experiences and documentation about differences

Before my litany of complaints here, first let me start off by thanking you for creating an amazing product. This is (to use a current expression) the “Superhuman of outliners”!

Today I just lost a bunch of time trying to figure out how to set an item as my inbox. Turns out it’s because I can only do it from your desktop electron app, but I can’t do it from a web browser, nor can I do it from your iOS app (that I use on my iPad Pro). I think features should be identified in the docs as being supported on Website, iOS App, Desktop App (are there other categories?)

Tangentially related to parity across experiences, I would also love it if you could give some love to your iOS app. There are a ton of bugs in the app that I can report separately if it helps (do you have a bug tracker, or is the forum the best place?). I like to use my LTE-equipped iPad Pro as a mobile computer, but your iOS app with the physical keyboard is borderline unusable. It might be OK to capture random ideas into an Inbox, but any real work needs to be done on a laptop / desktop.

Thanks for creating a great product. Looking forward to mastering its many, many features. Thx!


Hi @John_Lam , fellow user here. Regarding setting an item as your inbox, you can do it from the web app (I just happened to change mine yesterday). It’s under settings → Your Inbox. Clicking the “Change” field initiates a search, where you can type the name of the node you want, much like the “Move” dialog.

Hope this is helpful!

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Thanks! That is helpful, though I can’t imagine needing to do that operation very often.

We do not have a public bug tracker, so the forum is the best place to report them. Bug report posts with a “tracked” tag are tracked in our internal bug tracker. We’ll update on those once we have updates on them.

Regarding set inbox, what @Craig_Oliver described is the new way to set inbox. I think it’s the superior way and has been suggested many times. The item menu is already pretty crowded, so having a dedicated option to set it is pretty unnecessary. It’s also quite unintuitive.

I haven’t updated the help center about how to set inbox location – my fault. Doing it as we speak!

The desktop app still has the old interface because it’s a little behind the web app. We’ll release an update maybe 1-2 days from now after the web app is stable.