Please add the original filename to the link returned after a file upload

If I upload a file, the link returned is something like:

If I use this link, it shows in a Dynalist backup, but it does not help me identify the original document on my system.

However, if I go to the upload manager it shows the filename, and if I click on the link it shows the document in a browser with the original filename in the URL, something like:

I found that if I add the original filename onto the end of the initial returned link, it still works within Dynalist.

So please, can the link be returned with this filename already appended. This would mean that I would always know the original filename on my system.

I hope Dynalist is always around, and I can rely on my uploaded documents always being available. However, for peace of mind, I would much prefer to know the backup has enough information for me to recover my work.