Option to view only first line of item (similar to note)

Relaying a user’s request here. Please like or comment if you think it’s useful!


its not bad !!
I think its useful in some cases :ok_hand:
although this would be excellent in search view. instead of showing aaaall the tree, just one line where the requested word is located.


I LIKE IT!! It’s helpful to quickly scan the whole tree when ——

Would this popup in search, or as a default view, similar to the different ways to view notes (hidden, first line, shown)?

Not sure I understand your question, but it will be next to the “checked item” and “note” options here:

this might sound useful

How are you defining “First line of item” on a bulletpoint? Doesn’t it depend on how big the screen is?

Have it show like “Lorem Ipsum …” with ... indicating its hiding some information

Same as first line of note, which depends on how large the screen is as well.