Option to hide Sync Now / Synced indicator (Mac)

On the Mac App, with an internet connection (so not offline), the Sync Now / Synced button indicator rapidly switches between Sync Now and Synced when typing and is very distracting.

If it was a smoother transition or had a longer delay between switching states, or maybe an option to hide it all together?


Hi @Cooper_McGoodwin,

Yes, I agree it’s annoying especially when you’re constantly typing. However, I don’t think an option to hide sync state altogether is appropriate, as sync status is very important. if something goes wrong, the user needs to know about it.

Or maybe we can remove the sync state and only show a pop up when something does go wrong?

Looks like this is a bit old, but wanted to cast another vote for how distracting the saved indicator is…even as I’m drafting this response now, the comment editor for this talk.dynalist.io page throttles / debounces key inputs, and after 2s or so of no more key inputs received, a little “saving…” then “saved” indicator appears in the bottom bar. So if I’m typing with brief pauses, I’m not distracted. But then the ‘saved’ comes in after a second, so I’m still reassured of the save. Google Docs also does a great job of this. I’d personally prefer an approach similar to these, rather than removing the ‘synced’ state notifier altogether.

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Great points, we’ll definitely consider delaying that “Sync now” button by a few seconds.

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This killin’ my writing vibe on the Mac app. Simplest way to fix this is copy any number of other apps that have solved this — Google Apps, workflowy, etc.

In the meantime, anyone have any hacks to hide this? Or change the sync delay to stop syncing after every. single. letter typed? :slight_smile:

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Are you using the latest version (1.1.4)? It should wait a few seconds now.

Unfortunately Google Apps (I assume you mean Docs and Spreasheet?) is not a good example. The sync status jumps from “All changes saved in Drive” to “Saving…” after every single letter typed.

WorkFlowy simply doesn’t save that often, which means if your computer shuts down suddenly, you loses around 10 seconds of data, which isn’t too bad.

If you’re using the web app, using a user style is an option. Currently there’s no way to hide it on the desktop app.

Be careful that hiding it altogether might bring the risk of not seeing important sync errors.

I like that option, as someone who gets slightly annoyed at waiting for the sync text to flash.

For example, the megaphone could have a red dot if the sync didn’t work. I’m not sure that “Synced/Syncing” is essential to have on the screen at all times, since sync works 99.9% of the time, and simplicity / lack of extraneous on-screen flashing is important to weirdos like myself.

EDIT: I just hid it using CSS, so all good here!