Option to display # of items with document name

I would like some documents to display the number of bullets beside the name.
This means that I wouldn’t need to open the document to see if there are any items listed. The document names would look like this:

Tasks (12)

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I understand the use case. It’s not straight-forward how items should be counted in an outliner though.

Do you want number of top-level items or all items?

I prefer to number the top-level items to keep things simple.

I see, thanks so much for the clarification!

To those who are reading this, please like or comment below if you have the same request!


This is pretty common place in ecommerce sites (for categories with thousands of items), but I feel like the numbers might be a bit offputting to look at


I can see this being useful for kanban approaches.

If you did integrate this, it should go with WYISWYG editor and a “promote” case by case scenario.
Because 99% of the time I would rather not look at the numbers but the 1% of the time I will its going to be for inboxing and tasks like an email setup

this could be great…
I use it manually in certain kind of lists…
I update the number of the title whenever I add new bullets…

although an option where we could know the total number of bullets inside wouldnt be bad at all either

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