Option for tag autocompletion to match arbitrary substring (rather than just initial segment)

Would it be possible to have an option (in preferences, say) that allow tag autocompletion to match arbitrary substring? Currently if I have a tag named ‘#TheNewYorkTimes’ and I type #The it will show up in the suggestion list but if I type #York it will not. Being able to have this alternative behavior could come in handy though, especially for people like me who have a large number of tags (and very fluid with tag creation, i.e. do not spend a lot of time thinking about how to design a perfect tag system but want to let the tag system emerge naturally from practice) and sometimes only remember a few key words from the middle but not the initial segment.


I just saw that Obsidian’s tag completion is now the behavior I requested above, i.e. “match anywhere” rather than “match from beginning”. Does this mean that the devs would be more open to at least introducing this match behavior as an option in Dynalist? (I sure hope so…I feel like I’ve been waiting for it all my life…:kissing_heart:)


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