Opening image from Dynalist in ios Safari does not allow you to return to original list it came from

Steps to reproduce

When I access Dynalist from my iphone using the mobile Safari browser, I tap on an inline image, which takes me to a new Safari page displaying the image.

Expected result

After viewing the image, I want to return to the original list and or bullet where the image is located.

Actual result

When I tap on the link back to Dynalist displayed in the upper lefthand corner of the mobile Safari page, I am consistently taken back to the main page of my Dynalist, NOT the list where the image is located. There is a very long wait after trying to return to the original page, as if I am being logged back into Dynalist.


I am using Dynalist on my iphone 6 10.1, in Safari mobile.

Additional information

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Additional comments

Hi Yasmin,

I tried to reproduce this issue but couldn’t.

So did you tap on the “pages” icon at the bottom right corner of Safari and then selected the Dynalist page? I tried that and it’s exactly where I was before opening the page.

Or you could just close the image tab – you should be brought back to Dynalist.

I’m on iOS 10.2.1 though, but I don’t think Safari would be that different between these two versions.


Hmm, that’s weird, Erica. The ability to used the arrows at the bottom of the page and go back a page is greyed out and inaccessible in Safari for me, which is why I was having to use the top left link on the page the image appears in. Will try it in Chrome on my iphone to see if its just a Safari issue for me.

Yes, the arrows at the bottom of the page to go back is grey out, because this is a new page and there’s no history. Just closing the new tab should work.

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