Open graph tags for links that don't require being logged in to view

Telegram offers rich link previews, so having the title show for a Dynalist in a link preview would be useful when looking through a chat later and for people to quickly comprehend via glancing at it.

Sorry I don’t get it.

What are graph tags?

Honestly, I have no idea either, but - they’re using to have the title, some article content, and an image appear in a link preview. I should do some Googling to find out more.

Open graph is very facebook specific stuff and I really don’t know that trying to incorporate that into Dynalist would make sense. Especially being that they use Google logins etc already picking a social media platform to support is… odd. for more info on Open Graph however.

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Some more info on this as well.

Google+ tries to also create previews for links as well. They use the following information to do so

In particular, they prefer using MicroData ( Which is more general purpose than Facebook’s Open Graph (and it’s supported/contributed to by more company’s as well)

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Ah, I see. Telegram uses it too, which is why I brought it up.

Maybe Discourse uses this thing too? It does try to display a preview for links.

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