Only show hamburger menu when mouse is close to bullet point

First thing first => You guys rock!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

After trying it for 20 minutes, I subscribed Dynalist Pro to show my appreciation. Thank you for crafting such a wonderful app!

Now a suggestion (or a feature request):

Can we only show the hamburger item menu when the mouse is close to the bullet point? :flushed:

Currently the hamburger item menu shows up whenever the mouse hovers over the texts, which becomes a distraction and kind of annoying.



I am glad it isn’t just me!
(the magnifying glass as well)

One question jumps out immediately (and @beofhelp might have an idea too): how close should be seen as “close”? I don’t know if everyone would agree on that.

Is the distance more like 20 characters’ length or 40?

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Maybe the icons show only when the mouse stays on the left of the text and hide when the mouse hovers over the text?

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I agree with Adam - so long as it pops up right away as soon as the mouse if left of where the text starts it should feel natural to use. (It would need to be pretty close to /exactly/ where the text starts so that the white space on both sides of the bullet are included)

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