One Million Color Labels

With css, I can turn a color label into pretty much anything.

Like… a real, live (looking) unordered list! (See below.)


There’s so much you can do with color labels. Primarily, I use them to change font-family, for different kinds of headers.

And so naturally, I’m here asking for more color labels.




There are three heading levels… if you want to take those as well…

I have (and really appreciate you guys opening up the css for pro. It lets you make dynalist totally yours!)

P.S. I sent you a message about this as well.

There is a thought you could implement styled text and then with markup or wysiwyg we put this in an outline. we could then define any styles we fancy for this use.

Color is just as helpful (or more helpful) to me than indentation, so the more options I have for a custom look for each bullet point would make my brain even more attracted to Dynalist. I haven’t played around with the CSS yet, but I’m looking forward to tweaking a few things here and there. But the wide application of colored text and colored backgrounds at micro levels would be fantastic!

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