On refresh the app flashes white for a second despite using darkmode

Steps to reproduce

Android app.
Darkmode template.
On refresh the app flashes white for a second. Very annoying if you try to capture a note at night.

Expected result

I expect the darkmode to not flash white on app startup or refresh

Actual result

A white page is shown for a few seconds while the app loads of refreshes


Android app. But also happens in browser on mobile. On desktop it does not happen.
No scripts loaded. I have custom CSS but it also happens if I reduce all custom CSS

Hmm I think this is due to the preference not being loaded immediately (there’s a small delay). I think if you set your OS to light/dark mode auto (is this doable on android?) then we might be able to apply the autodetected mode on load so it doesn’t flash. Let me know if this works.

Hm. I only have something called nightmode. Which is always turned on. (Samsung Galaxy Note 8)