Offline image links. slow image load

Just started using dynalist for notes. I take screenshots for complex parts on a video to augment my notes. However, it takes 7 or so seconds for the image to pop up. Its too slow. I used the file:///… and that didnt work either. Maybe wrong syntax? Is there an option where when I copy paste an image it saves it on the local folder and uses that link?

You can paste the image then immediately move on and do other things, you don’t need to wait for it to pop up. It will on it’s own, even if you start editing a different thing or switch apps altogether. It’s uploading the bitmap or png (whichever your operating system copies screenshots as) to Amazon Web Services in the background, then updates the url on it’s own. On my gigabit fiber connection, it’s less than a second, but I understand it taking many seconds for some ISPs.

But yeah, there’s no instant local file paste on dynalist - just a placeholder text until it uploads.

You cannot use file:// images within HTML5 because of Chrome and Electron security - you wouldn’t want a random website displaying your personal images.

For instantaneous image pasting I would use Obsidian. Or Microsoft Onenote.