Offline files on mobile

My understanding is that the mobile apps won’t update your data in the background, but once it is updated, say after you launched the app while having connectivity, you can later access this data without Internet access. So you can be off on your flight to another country where you don’t have roaming, and once arrived there start Dynalist on your iPhone to check what the address of your hotel is so you can tell your taxi driver.

However, the same isn’t true for files uploaded to Dynalist. You attached a PDF with the hotel confirmation? Tough luck: without Internet connectivity, you won’t be able to see it, even if you opened it just before leaving for your trip (unless, maybe, if it is still in a Safari tab).

Is there any chance that Dynalist will support offline files in a not-too-distant future? Just manually flagging which files to keep offline, as done in Google Drive, would be enough for me.