OCR on attached pictures for search

When adding a picture/figure/screen clip it would be great if it was OCRed for search. Do not need to extract the text as such, but should be search index-able. Highlighting would be awesome, but not required. Think image search in Evernote - it is a very powerful feature.

Evernote has hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and hundreds of engineers, so they can afford Google Vision API at $1.50 per 1000 images OCRed. I feel like we’re lucky to get what we get but who knows lol. I did just come across http://projectnaptha.com/ which looks neat tho.

Thanks for the reply, @BigChungus, what was what I wanted to point out too.

I think that might be free, open source solutions to OCR, but given how niche this feature request is, I’m afraid you’ll have better luck using a third party solution to parse the image and copy paste the text (you can put these two side by side).