Numbered List Shortcut Does Nothing

Steps to reproduce

Pressing CRTL+SHIFT+X while on any bullet.

Expected result

The bullet’s children should become a numbered list.

Actual result

Nothing changes. The list remains unordered.


Using Dynalist on Google Chrome for Windows 10

Additional information

So the shortcut is not working – is the menu option working at least?

Shortcuts might get overridden by other extensions and whatnot.

Yeah, the menu option works. Let me try in Incognito mode to see if it works when no extensions are being used

Just tried it. Didn’t work there either. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any extra keybindings on my machine.

That’s really weird… :thinking:

What’s the state of selection when you press the shortcut? Is the blinking cursor on the item, or do you select it as a whole (it will have a blue background in that case)?

Blinking cursor status