Notification options from ! time without google integration

I would love to have a prompt or reminder to check back on an item in the future.

I don’t want to have to sign up for another account and integrate with google to get reminders about dates and times. Reminders would be awesome to have as an option when setting a date/time.


I too would like this feature so I’m ‘upping’ the post! :point_up_2::slightly_smiling_face:
To have a reminder for due dates, either in the “Notifications” area or by e-mail.

For example, we could activate this feature (or not, since some people use dates for logs only) in:
“Settings” >> “Preferences” >> “Date” section >> Check a box to get reminders

I believe the tricky part would be about how much time before we should get the reminder.

If you are also interested, please comment! So @Erica might add it to the Roadmap at some point :hugs:

I’ve been using Dynalist for over a year and this is the major reason why I still have things in my personal Trello.

Also mentionning a workaround for those interested:
Search in your document “has:date -is:completed” (= item has a date but isn’t checked (in case you use checklists)) and bookmark that filtered view