Notes color only on place with text

Hello, is it possible to make an option to color only a place with text.
Now it colors all line, and I think it would be more pretty with the only text colored. F.e. like in Workflowy

I don’t understand - in your screenshot, doesn’t it color all line?

What is the difference?

Workflowy only colours the text area, Dynalist colours the whitespace at the end as well?

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Oh, I see.

It might be possible with custom CSS. Do you have Pro?

If you subscribe to Pro, here is the custom CSS to do it:

.mod-color-label-1 > .Node-renderedContent > span {
background-color: #651f0a;
.mod-color-label-1 {
background-color: transparent !important;

This would set color 1 to apply color #651f0a (or whatever you want) to the span element and hide the default which applied to it’s parent element.


no, I don’t have Pro. And I don’t think it’s rational for me to pay only for abitity to color lines.

Alright that’s fine

Maybe others with Pro will find it useful

I am just learning CSS coding myself and wanted to verify it was possible