Note shifting to next bullet when new bullet is created by pressing enter key

Steps to reproduce

  • Open a document already containing many bullets where the top bullet has a note
  • press enter at the end of text of the first bullet to try to create a new bullet

Expected result

A new bullet is created (without any notes)

Actual result

The newly created bullet carries the note from the top bullet with it and the top bullet loses its note


Windows 7 Desktop version

Additional information

This doesn’t happen always. It again started working properly when I did the following actions.

  1. Undo the new bullet creation
  2. Toggled to the note of the first bullet using shift + enter
  3. Toggled back to the main bullet text
  4. Created new bullet using enter again

Additional comments

It’s weird that it doesn’t consistently happen… thanks a bunch for the additional information though! Maybe that would give us more clues why this is happening.

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