Note lost on converting list into document

Steps to reproduce

Drag a list into the file pane to make it a document.

Expected result

The note of the dragged list becomes the note of the document heading.

Actual result

The note is lost.


Web app on OS X

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I can verify this. Thanks for reporting this bug! :blush:

Hi Erica,

I’ve run up against a rate limit on how many threads my account can create. Could you change my account status so this doesn’t happen? Thank you!

I’ve changed you to Trust Level 2, it should be fixed now. It’s the Trust Level system in Discourse… we’ll see what we can do about it. I think it’s for preventing spambots, but we use Dynalist login and there’s not much value to spam here, so you guys should be trusted automatically! :love_letter:


Thank you!

(Looks like there’s a 20-char minimum limit too!)

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Hmm is that reasonable? I guess they’re just trying to reduce the amount of “+1” replies. Maybe you can just like my reply instead. :slight_smile:


Update: this should be fixed in the latest version.

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