Noise on @ in tags

Steps to reproduce

The @ character in tags has started showing up some noise in the bottom left corner in general on the screen

Expected result

Clear clean @ character

Actual result

Noise which makes the text look messy.


MacOS chrome browser

Additional information

Only started happening recently

Additional comments

I believe what you’re seeing is part of the visual underline for the tag. Letters that extend beneath the baseline interrupt the underline.

Yes, I realised that after looking into it after posting. :grin: It is probably difficult to improve, but I still think is is distracting and clutters the look and feel. Wonder if there is any chance to clean it up?

Did you change font, or any appearance settings?

My tags look like this: image

Only if you can help us repro the issue? I’m not seeing it at least.

Since you have tag background enabled, maybe you can use a user style to remove the underline altogether. It doesn’t feel necessary.

I took off the tag highlighting, but problem is still there. I tried a few font, and font sizes, which also did not make difference (using Whitney). I would also like to see underlining work as per your example. I cannot recall making any changes which would give rise to this.

I tried it on Safari, same thing, but looks slightly different (not as bad as chrome):

Tried default view instead of Sepia - no difference.

So I am at a loss to reproduce it for you, or make it work like yours!

I believe this is a browser thing and the defaults have recently changed in Chrome 64. The CSS property can be set to ‘none’ (rather than the new default of ‘auto’) to resort to old behavior.

On Android, Samsung Internet Browser, Firefox show the underline under @ like normal. Chrome (64…) leaves a space as @Wayne_Smith mentioned.

Thanks you got it. Appreciate the info. I think the previous default mode (“none”) is better than the “auto”! - well at least for Dynalist where the tags get intense.

Thanks for pointing out that!

@Wayne_Smith I know why I can’t repro it now. Looks like I haven’t updated my Chrome in a while :sweat_smile:

Repro’ed after upgrading to Chrome 64. Looks like it’s an experimental CSS property that Chrome just implemented with default = auto.

Oh well… will fix asap.

Should be fixed now, please confirm @Wayne_Smith

Thanks @Erica - you are a star! working 100%

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