No easy way to go from item to first line of note


You’re in an item. You want to edit its note. You want your cursor to move to its first line.

Possible Actions

  1. Just hit Shift-Enter and have cursor go to the first line
  2. Hit Shift-Enter to have cursor go to the last line, then hit Ctrl-Fn- to go to the topmost line of the line.


  1. Dynalist does not currently work this way.
  2. Dynalist overrides this shortcut to instead go to the first item on the page.


  1. Have Shift-Enter move the cursor from an item to the first line, not the last. IMO, this is more natural for two reasons.

    Firstly, when you’re looking at an item and you hit the shortcut, you expect to naturally go inside the note, to the first line, not jump somewhere down to the last line. More importantly, when inside a note, we can hit the Up arrow to go up, up, up until we jump from the note to the item. It feels wrong that we cannot hit Shift-Enter to go back from the item to the first line where we just were.

  2. Don’t override the shortcut inside the note. IMO, this a bug. The override should only work when inside an item.
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