Navigating to parent node and keeping current search

Often, when I search for something I realize that I’m zoomed in too far. What I want to find is then in the same document but under a different path.

What I do right now is to navigate to the document root (e.g. by clicking the document breadcrumbs). But then the search is dropped and I have to activate and type the search again.

So my question is: is there a way to navigate to the parent node (or document root) and still keep the current search?

No. You have to zoom out all the way, then search. It’s annoying, right? I wouldn’t mind if search did this for you. I rarely, if ever, intend to search just the zoomed in node. It might seem like a logical design choice but it’s decreases the usefulness of Dynalist, so I think the practical choice of “search the whole document” should be made default.


Thanks for the reply. Looks like I have to start a feature request.

But it’s not straightforward. Often I do need to search under a zoomed-in node.
Maybe if the search is not dropped when you go (zoom) into a parent of the current node? This may be a good solution.

Or how about having an extra shortcut for “search in whole document”, or overloading Ctrl-Enter so that it first searches in the whole document and then all documents?