Native Siri support & notifications on iPhone

I was looking to leave Workflowy for another option that would include the ability to add items via Siri natively and cause notifications to appear on the iPhone start screen (or standalone app, when launched).

From what I can tell from reading the forums, this has been suggested many times and some ‘hacks’ or ‘workarounds’ involve third-party apps (IFTTT) and others, and all involve the user writing scripts or having working knowledge of some rather convoluted techniques. Hence my request for a native, built-in solution within the app itself.

This is the sole reason a lot of people keep the iOS Reminders app…the ability to speak:

“Remind me to pickup milk at 4pm Tuesday”

…and know that on Tuesday it will be the first thing you see when you power up your i-device.

Yes, the ability to email things to your Dynalist (as suggested by some) could be handy, and the workarounds may be fine for those who are more programming-saavy than the more common users.

Moving items from the iOS Reminders app via “Share with Dynalist” is still too many button presses more than what we’re after–a single voice command to allow adding new items with a time to the Inbox. the ability for current and/or expired items to appear in the Notifications screens would be nearly as important to those of us who live by the rather isolated and limited Reminders app.

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Sorry for the late response, and indeed, I’d love to be able to do what you’re suggesting with Dynalist. One part of the solution is to have native notifications on your iPhone, so if you are still interested in this, I’d encourage you to head over to the mobile notifications feature candidate on the Dynalist roadmap on Trello, create a Trello account for yourself if you don’t have one already, and vote for that feature candidate.

Happy Dynalisting,