My document share invitations can't be sent to certain emails

Hi there,

I’m having issues when i need to share documents with my colleagues. They cannot receive the invitation email sent by at all.

The email domain i need to send the invitation to is which is actually provided and back-end operated by Tencent, the Chinese giant company with their famous product WeChat and QQ. I tried to send invitations to emails and it is all normal, while couldn’t receive my invitations at all. I tried to contact Tencent technical support and they found no incoming record at all from

I’m quite frustrated that I can’t share my documents with my colleagues so to work on projects together. I have an alternative solution to send invitations to my colleagues’ personal emails, but very few of them will want to use personal email for work purpose.

Could I use any help here? Maybe the email server operator of can check for me if you have ever sent any invitations to emails today?

Thanks very much!


Hi Terry,

I’m sorry to hear that’s happening! We did encounter some problems related to sending emails to QQ emails.

@Shida could you take a look at this issue please?

Hi there,

The error we got specifically was “Ip frequency limited. How to Select the Effective Time of a Punch Rule-Help Center - WeCom

Tencent is known to have a pretty bad history of rejecting emails based on a fixed frequency, but I do agree we should implement some mechanism for the receiver to accept invitations when the email fails. For now, you can delete the invitation and send it again, but I’m fairly sure that sending to multiple recipients will make Tencent block the emails for a while again.

I would call out that their technical support team is probably taught to lie to customers this way. Our mail logs would indicate otherwise. There has been at least 10 different emails sent to users on that domain in the last 3 days, and two of the emails were accepted. Everything else were rejected with the error above, even after multiple retries.

Here’s one of the emails that went through:

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