My always-visible category menu

I just wanted to show how I have settled into Dynalist. I have used every productivity tool on the planet and read every getting things done type system, but I have settled on Dynalist in this way as my preferred system overall:

For example if you click #2, you get the 2nd highest priority to-do items:


But the menu is always there. So you can click though #3, #4, etc priority viewing your to-dos in order of importance.

The links in the menu are simply dynalist URLs with tag searches, appended with " OR heading:3". For example “#2 OR heading:3”. Since the menu is the only heading 3 item, it always shows up.

My chosen menu links are: everything, dated items, at work, untagged items that still need a tag, done items (to review my day before clicking clear done items), then prioritized items (I don’t suggest priority tags on things that already have a good tag, like @work (or @w for short), then the next line is at home, at girlfriend i.e. when shes around, and at bus on my bus ride.

Also I have a sort of “calendar” which is an Excel generated column of date tags. This is useful for visual intuition of how far away deadlines and events are. My brain does better with it spacial like this rather than just numbers. And the bee is a scratchpad for my current task, since I forget what I was doing 5 seconds ago, I remind myself here.

Lastly I recommend Pro to use this custom CSS, which makes all images thumbnails that you can click for full size. It’s very useful, embedding images, but this keeps their size appropriate in the grander list:

/* Reduce Total Size of Markdown Images, use Imagus for full preview*/
.node-displayed-image {
max-width: 100px;
max-height: 100px;

I do still use Google Docs or OneNote to embed complex whiteboard style projects that Dynalist can’t handle, but I link it all together via Dynalist.


Nice system, thanks for sharing!

May I ask what made you opt against using the bookmark side bar in Dynalist for your menu links? Are you using the bookmarks for a different purpose?