Move to search algorithm problem

Steps to reproduce

Enter terms for search of item to move into

Expected result

The items matching the words best come to the top

Actual result

Completed items where individual letters from the search term are spread out are at the top and the direct matches can’t only be found after “search more” or they do not appear at all.


Latest Chrome for Windows with PowerPack3

Additional information

Top result for “P: Vancouver”



Weird… I’m getting the correct ordering:

@Kevin_Murray what happens if you logout and wipe out the cache/cookies for and log in again?

or you try to log in from incognito mode?

Actually I found another weighting issue with respect to searches from same documents being weighted too much. Will fix and deployed within a day.

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Deployed to web. I’ve tested on my account, please let me know if it helps!

Thanks @Shida. I’m still getting entries with dispersed letters coming top of search results. But I’ll keep checking in case it takes a while for deployment.

If it’s not working out, feel free to show me some more screenshots/cases where it doesn’t work (or DM if that’s more comfortable). I’m happy to do diagnostics on why it’s not working properly.