'Move to' dialogue brings up items with links to the item you actually want

Steps to reproduce

Create an item you want to move something to. Create a second item and add a link to that first item. Create a third item and try to send it to the first item, using the title of that bullet as search term.

Expected result

The original item should at least be top of the search, or in some way clear it is the original item.

Actual result

There seems to be no difference in priority - in my case the item with the link was at the top of the search. The item with a link does have the text underlined, but it’s not enough to quickly make sure you’re sending item 3 to the right place and I find the experience very confusing - either fading these search results or adding a clear ‘link’ symbol or something would help but a prioritisation system would be better.

Furthermore if you’re trying to send to an item which is linked to a lot, the original might not even show up in the first page of results


Which operating system are you using?

Which browser are you using?
Chrome or Windows App

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Hmm I’m not sure what your test case is, but mine shows up at the top of my search

Though I do agree they look way too similar to be able to identify which one is the original and which is the link (only different by the underline).