Move Item When Zoomed In

Is there a way to make the Ctrl-Shift-M (move item) work when zoomed in? Is there something similar?

I’m using Dynalist for a to-do list and project management. I’m all the time searching across documents for to-do-today items. When I find one via search-all-docs, I click on it, I do the work, and then I want to MOVE it.

Right now, the only way I can get the ability to move it is click on the parent item, but if the parent item has dozens of other children, locating the item I just completed is a pain.

I agree it would be useful.

A workaround could be to sort items under the parent item by “Edited (new to old)”. That way you would get the last Item at the top under the parent.

That’s a clever idea. Unfortunately, my lists are lovingly hand-ordered. (Now if Dynalist had a temporarily-sort-by-Edited, THAT would work.)

It turns out there is a work-around which can be applied, even if re-sequencing the item and its peers is undesirable.

  1. Click somewhere in the item text. (i.e. You can’t just be zoomed into the item, the insertion point must be somewhere in the item text.)
  2. Then click on the breadcrumbs to navigate to the parent item.
  3. At this point, the insertion point will be on the previously zoomed item (but maybe not exactly the same column).
  4. From this point, Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-M will invoke the move-item dialog.

The trick is to ensure the I-beam is in the item text before navigating to the parent. Then it is easy to identify.