Move item search improvements


I love the CTRL + SHIFT + M moving feature, but it often can’t find the specific item I want.

For example, we have multiple projects/documents with a sublist called Done. Generally, I want to move my item into the Done list within the current document, but it often shows the one from another document first.

I think if there was a preference for “closer” items in that search, it would help a lot.

Another additional thing that would help is allowing to search on a hierarchy, like Projects > Done so it finds specifically the Done item within the Projects document. That bit of text appears as a subtitle in the search, but we can’t search on it!


i was thinking the same thing yesterday. same > syntax too

it seems to be a bit hit and miss for me sometimes but if you could say which document you wanted to search in then it might help narrow it down a bit better

Hi @Francis_Lavoie, yes, we are going to improve this part soon! The “closer” results being on the top definitely makes sense.

This is ideal, I agree, and I like how I can search for “folder1/folder2/keyword” in IDEs, even though folder2 may not be directly under folder1 and they don’t even have to be the full name. It’s very convenient.

However their implementation is somewhat more complicated so it will come a bit later.

Great, thanks for the answer Erica!

I agree this is definitely a harder one to implement well, so I’ll be patient.


@Francis_Lavoie: we recently improved this part (a few weeks ago), so just want to ask if you’re still experiencing this problem?

Yup, it generally seems to work better now!

There is one specific case I’m noticing though, the fuzzy search ignores #tags. I don’t know how much you care about this (not a big deal for me at all, just a thing I noticed) but if I have a list called #Review and I search for review, it doesn’t match it.

You mean it doesn’t match at all (i.e. a unique tag like #unique_tag doesn’t show up) or is the result not high up enough? It only shows the first 5 results, after all.

That’s true. I guess it’s just calculating relevancy a lot lower if it doesn’t begin exactly as typed. /shrug.

Essentially I have #Review in the current doc but I do have Review in other docs. If I search review it matches the Review in other docs first before #Review in the current doc.

Like I said, not really an issue for me, but it’s a corner-case I thought I’d mention.

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I see what you mean, thanks for letting me know!

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