Move command with options to fine tune final location

I would like something like this

The problem with move commands (CTRL+SHIFT+M) is I can only specify either:

  • Move to end of list
  • Move to start of list

Why not have a method to move to a specific area you want to look at?

My proposal is such:

  2. Highlight over the area you want to move
  3. Press [TAB]
  4. This gives another dialog box that pops out, showing the first few words of child bulletpoints (and possibly its CSS / formatting too, like ctrl+shift+4 green colored tags)
  5. Click where you want to move

In the settings, you can set one of two options

  • Move list below designated child location
  • Move list above designated child location

Optionally, possibly use a low res image thumbnail popup to give the user an idea of where there moving there items to precisely

Here is the entire UX proposal

I’m afraid at least the proposed UI is a little too complicated to achieve such benefit. Anyone else with the same need? Like the topic or comment below so we know.