Move and Auto-Link

(This is related to the request for cloning/symlinking, but seems like it would be easier to implement, and would (for my purposes) cover most of the functionality I want from cloning)

I’d like to request a shortcut that combines two existing features into one shortcut.

  1. Moves an item to a new location (The current “Move item”)
  2. Creates a link to the item in its place.

Tasks are often created in a context and sometimes its nice to retain that context when moving. Some of my use cases:

  1. If I’m taking notes about a meeting, I’ll often create tasks. I like to move these tasks to the appropriate project list, but retain the link in the meeting notes to indicate that it was discussed.
  2. I like to plan tasks I need to do for the day, and log of things that I worked on each day. Thus, I’d move tasks from their appropriate organizational lists, to the daily log, but retain a link in the original location.

Clearly I can already do this with a two-step process, of moving then linking, but I find that moving (about 4-5 seconds) is much faster than linking (10-15 seconds). Doing this multiple times in a row, that extra time adds up quickly in time and frustration.


I guess on the relocation menu, it could have a checkbox to insert the link in its place.