Mouse hover automatically selecting content HAS RETURNED

Hi, mouse hover-over is automatically selecting items on for the Web app version. I noticed this starting yesterday.

Anyone else?

AAGGHH! Yes, here too - in all browsers and multiple computers. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Mac OS Sierra. Driving me completely insane - just started today for me (wasn’t on Dynalist yesterday). Doesn’t do it right away, but seems to start up after a minute or two of use.


For whatever reason, the issue went away. Will monitor and update as needed.

Yes, happening for me too. Noticed that it started happening after a search based on a Bookmarked search result. Don’t know the relation, maybe there isn’t a pattern and was just a coincidence. I need to click on any document on the left side and occasionally it stops doing it. It’s really annoying.

It seems intermittant on my end. Also, if I close and then reopen, the problem goes away. But then it comes back after a few hours.

It seems to be happening less frequently OR might have been fixed. Will report back as the day progresses.