More precise relative dates between 1 and 2 hours

Relative dates are great. Instead of a useless “Mon, December 13th, 2021, 2:30” I can see “in 3 hours”. I’d like to suggest a simple improvement to a corner case where the relative value is very imprecise.

Right now if the timestamp is 89 minutes from now, the date shows “In 1 hour”. This is an imprecision of 50%! Worse, when a timestamp is 91 minutes from now, it shows “In 2 hours”, and next to each other two timestamp that happen 1 minute after each other, show up as “In 1 hour” and “In 2 hours”, as if they’re so different.

There will always be such barrier cases with the relative dates, but this one is too big, in my subjective judgement, compared to use cases surrounding it: (planning the event that happens in the next hour or two). To solve, I would suggest an additional interval of 75 to 105 minutes that would say “In 1.5 hours”.