More issues with Flat Search

  1. If you flat search with a lot of items in the same area you get redundant tracers. Would be so much cleaner if these were combined:

  2. Unlike regular search, is:completed defaults off, so all the hidden checked items show up. Thus for this only I need:image

  3. There is no way to go into this view on mobile, except by clicking a bookmark you can.

  4. In mobile if you get into this view via bookmark, once there, the Go Back doesn’t work. You can click it, but you still see
    but no actual matches shown, and no option to escape.

  5. Mobile: It’s still the case that if you navigate to one of your search results by zooming into it, that when you zoom out again to see context, it doesn’t focus on the thing you searched. It goes to the top of the list. (the item is soft-selected but it’s not on the screen.) Makes search somewhat awkward in a flat list because you don’t get to see the context of the item you found.

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