Mobile Search - iOS

In the mobile client for iOS (iPhone and iPad), is it possible to do a text search across all documents for all content? I see I can do a text search currently either for (1) the current document or the (2) all documents but just by test in their title.

If not, this would be a feature request for a global search feature similiar to the desktop client where you can press CTRL+ENTER in the search field to do a global search.

I have to say, the search functionality is very important on mobile device, especially since the iPhone serves more as a reference tool to your notes.

Thanks for considering this request!


Did you try clicking the globe on the right end of the search line?

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No I didn’t even notice that. Thank you! I thought that was just a visual component to show that I was in search mode.

Ok. I feel stupid, but we learn!! Thank you once more.