Mobile global search breaks after selecting item

Steps to reproduce

On mobile (Android):

  1. Select an item.
  2. Exit item selection, for example by tapping the top bar (NOTE: this step is optional, it also repros if the item is actively selected when you start the global search).
  3. Perform a global search.

Expected result

The global search displays matching items, and pressing “back” arrow in the top left after the global search returns you to your previous view.

This is a screen recording of the expected behavior (i.e. if you skip steps 1 and 2 from the repro steps):

Actual result

The global search doesn’t work (pressing “enter” does nothing), and pressing “back” arrow in the top left returns you to the document root rather than your current view. If you’re already at document root, it will display “No document open” instead.

See screen recording of the repro:


Android 10 native app. Repros on mobile web version too.

Good catch! Can repro.

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Just wanted to give this a bump since it appears to still be broken.

Apologies, I totally forgot about this one! Will be fixed in the next release.