Mobile browser/app shortcuts

A few of the most useful Dynalist features are not available on Mobile because you can’t type control keys. To get to them you need to have menus or buttons. Below are all the shortcuts and which are missing in the Mobile app. Seems to me there aren’t many and these could easily be added without an interface redesign.

Indent: button, done
Unindent: - button, done
Expand/collapse: +/- on line, done
Zoom in: tap on dot, done
Zoom out: tap on link. (not always visible, sometimes a lot of scrolling to reach top)
Delete item - trash button, done
Help, File Pane, Bookmark, Tag - on menus
Toggle checked items - menu (Usability: should name as "[X] Show Checked Items, so we know if it’s on or off)
Toggle checked items for current doc - menu, missing, not needed
Toggle notes - menu (Should name as [X] Show Notes)
Toggle notes for current doc - missing, not needed
Save - automatic? or missing?
Toggle spell checker - missing?
Capture to inbox (Pro) - menu, missing
Working with lists
Delete from above - not needed
Move between item & note - button, done
Mark as done - button, done
Expand/collapse all - menu, missing
Toggle checklist - button, done
Toggle numbered list - button, missing
Duplicate current item - button, missing
Select this and previous item - button, missing
Select this and next item - button, missing
Select everything - button, missing
Copy Selection, Paste Selection - missing
Undo - title line button
Redo - title line button
Navigating & moving
Move item - button, done
Swap with previous - button, done
Swap with next - button, done
Zoom in previous item - missing, not needed?
Zoom in next item - missing, not needed?
Go to inbox location - missing, needed?
Go to parent item - just tap, no command needed?
Go to previous sibling item - missing, not needed?
Go to next sibling item - missing, not needed?
Go to previous item - missing. Use the blue keyboard carats in iOS Safari, which is designed for this purpose, not for indent which already has separate buttons
Go to next item - missing
Go to start of first item - missing, not needed?
Go to end of last item - missing, not needed?
Search within document - button at top
Open file finder - menu
Open item finder (Pro) - missing?
Make bold, italics, code, Strikethrough, LaTeX - markdown is fine
Insert new line in item - missing, button
Toggle color label - button
Toggle heading - button

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Thanks for the list, massively helpful. Will use as a reference when improving mobile.

Just a note though, we don’t intend to cover all these without if you use the mobile app without an external keyboard. Lots of this are doable if you have a keyboard, Ctrl key works for most shortcuts.

I personally think mobile devices without keyboards can never match desktop in terms of productivity. That’s the trade-off between portability and productivity, unfortunately. With the help of gestures mobile apps can perform more, but never as much, mainly due to the small screen, the imprecise pointers, and the lack of keyboards.

What that means is that we’ll add what we think make sense, and we can’t guarantee to clear the entire list. As you can see, the top bar and bottom bar are always pretty crowded.

I hope that’s understandable!

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Just bought a keyboard. I immediately notice some shortcuts are there and some aren’t. And they aren’t configurable. C-Up and C-Down work. C-[ and C-] for zooming don’t.

One thing I REALLY want, if anybody knows how: How do I do cut/copy/paste of multiple items? It ought to be Cmd-X/C/V, but those work for text within an item but not for the whole. Any method of copying?

Sorry to sidetrack but I’m curious since it is such a rarity - what’s your device set up and why did you choose mobile+hardware keyboard versus a laptop (i.e. kb/mouse based OS)? Is it the iPad Pro with floating keyboard? Do you generally encounter a lot of issues in other apps (due to how uncommon a hardware keyboard is on mobile OS)? I use a keyboard case on my old ipad for dynalist sometimes but yeah, I just use the onscreen touch controls rather than hotkeys due to the general no-workie.

I have a laptop, but it’s a 17” beast. The tablet is something i can take places with no effort and it’s much easier to take notes than a phone. It’s a base model ipad with a logitech keyboard case. Dynalist is the only app i care about shortcuts for. I can use onscreen tap for many things but cut:copy. I guess i can go with Duplicate and Move buttons.