Missing: SET AS INBOX option in right-click context menu

I guess with the implementation of setting inbox location in the main SETTINGS menu, the original Set As Inbox option in the bullet context menu was removed.

Bug? If the removal was intentional, I want to request for the Set As Inbox in context menu restored. I am relying quite a lot on this capability from time to time for setting dynamic inbox locations while collecting information during research building up my lists across documents. Without the original Set As Inbox option in context menu, it is cumbersome to keep going back to main SETTINGS menu to change inbox location each time.



It was intentional; the menu was getting crowded. Didn’t realize people like you would want to change their inbox location all the time. Will consider adding it back if we hear more similar requests, thanks for the feedback!


I would like to see the “set as inbox” menu item returned as well. Removing it has caused a huge inconvenience when adding notes to different pages as I do research.


Yes at first I thought you made the menu option visible only to PRO users, but after upgrading I still don’t see the option! I still see the option in the desktop version so this is quite misleading. Please consider adding it back.

If not adding back to the menu bar, at least consider adding a shortcut we can invoke to set current item as Inbox or a shortcut to pop up a search bar to find the location to set as inbox please.

Thanks for the suggestions!

If you want to keep it, don’t restart the desktop app. Sounds like it’s an old version since I can no logner see that option in the latest version (1.2.0).

Is it possible to downgrade the desktop app to a version that had the “set as inbox” menu option?

No, I don’t think that’s possible unless you saved the program data of the previous version.

It will be restored in the next version (fix already done, pending next release), so please be patient!

Thank you for the update - I look forward to the next release. :slight_smile:

Update: Added to the web app, coming to the desktop app soon.

Works great in the desktop app. Thanks for restoring this feature!

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