Minor Tweak Request for Mobile Sharing


In Safari on iOS, when you share a link to Dynalist using the share sheet, the new item is added as the full title, linked to the website. So if I’m on a page called Example Webpage, I hit the share button and choose Dynalist, and then it’s added to my Inbox like this: Example Webpage

My minor request is this: can we make it so that the Inbox item is formatted with the title of the webpage as a plain text bullet and with the URL as a note underneath it? There’s a precedence for this…it’s the way the clipper add-on for Firefox works.

The reason I’m asking is that, on mobile, it’s really difficult to tap a list item that’s all hyperlink without accidentally triggering the link. So if I want to make any modifications to the item, it can be tough to click into it without clicking on it.

I understand though if this isn’t a tweak the other users want, or if it’s just not possible on mobile.

PS: Thanks for fixing the “first time fail” issue!