A way of navigating over long series of lists and notes, sort of like how coders do. Makes it easier to find and get to a note and to easily see how big a section is. See picture for what inspired this idea. Text editor below is Atom and the minimap is on the right side of the image.


I personally enjoy minimaps in IDEs, but I’m not sure about adding this to Dynalist.

Code is linear, so it makes more sense. In Dynalist, you can do a “Collapse all” at the top level and go from there. Another reason why it works much better for code is that you know the shape of your code better. Not sure true for outliners – the “shape” is ever-changing even with the same content, as things can be collapsed or expanded.

Another major concern is that this adds more complexity to the user interface. IDEs are complicated-looking but programmers approach it with the right expectation. The case is again different for Dynalist, as some people just came here to quickly jot down notes; we don’t want to scare them away when an interface like that. This is not my main point though, as this can be solved by making it an option rather than mandatory.