I appreciate this is a long term plan, but it’s a great idea. I use mind mapping tools (XMind at the moment) and love Dynalist. Being able to mind map a project or idea and then seamlessly switch into Dynalist’s outline format when you want to focus on execution will be a winner.


A few ideas:

  • ability to zoom in/out
  • an “expand all” button
  • dotted lines connecting same tags
  • dotted lines connecting internally linked Dynalist items

This thing is great for getting a big visual!


Hey, I totally forgot about this (most excellent) feature, was reminded, so searched and found help doc: http://help.dynalist.io/article/84-switch-to-another-view but going to …/mindmap/… from …/d/… yet it no longer seems to work.


I just tried and my documents rendered a mindmap ok.


If i do, as per http://help.dynalist.io/article/84-switch-to-another-view :
To access this view, change the document URL (in the form of https://dynalist.io/d/[DOCUMENT_ID]) to https://dynalist.io/mindmap/[DOCUMENT_ID]

I get an error.

Is this what you’re doing?


Yes. Pops right up.


Ah, my Pro membership had lapsed, I just paid again and now it works.
All resolved, move along, nothing to see here :blush:


So I got into the mindmap view, yet this implementation, for me, is unusable.

This ‘kinetic’ implementation, where all elements ‘spring’ into place on Nodes with multiple Children, makes updating, reading, making sense very difficult.

It takes an increasing time for the Children of Nodes to stop moving. So 4 children takes a few seconds, 10 children takes 10secs, and on.

When a larger number of children it seems to break and perpetually seems to be moving, organising, its Children.

Surely a standard tree type Mindmap style would be more useful?
As per standard Xmind where you toggle open/close Nodes and can ‘Drill down’ on selected Nodes [f6] (just like with DL bullets)?


It’s a proof of concept in experimental/alpha stage, so yeah, we realize it’s unusable as part of the core product. We never advertised it as a Pro feature either.

Hopefully we can spend more time polishing it after improving mobile and fixing most of the annoying outstanding bugs.


Hi Erica.

Sure thing, I should have mentioned that I understood it’s alpha, the feedback I was giving was re usability of current implementation, which for me isn’t usable, and was giving some feedback as to what would make it not just usable but indispensable.

There seems to be a lot of people keen to use this, and offering as a Pro feature would be real icing on the cake.

Are there any plans/roadmap in place?


Yes, but no very immediate plans. Will post them in weekly updates and announcements when we have it improved :slight_smile:

We do have lots of stuff going on (as you can see from people suggesting all kind of things on the forum plus a lot more in private email), I’m sorry that this fun but low priority project is being pushed back.


Sure thing :slight_smile:


Just stumbled onto this - tried it on my very large notes doc - turned into a great performance art piece!

I love mind mapping but I get why this isn’t a high priority next to core features! Definitely a nice thing to add down the road to keep pro users.


Yes, definitely! It’s also a very interesting project to work on by itself :slight_smile:


Creately is a great app for Mind Mapping. The app has 2 shapes for Mind Maps – Topic and Idea. Mind Maps start with an idea in mind, and from this central idea many related topics branch out creating interconnections. It is the closest mind mapping software to visio. With Creately’s 1-Click connectors we’ve created all of them effortlessly.


Is this still a feature ? I would like to have that! Currently copying from/to Dynalist from/to Coggle.


Copying Dynalist to Coggle, eh?

Could you help me try that? I’m lost. I exported my dynalist as plain text and dragged the .txt file into coggle but nothing happens. I didn’t find much instructions

EDIT: nevermind i just needed to wait longer

That’s pretty cool. Fun new way to explore your thoughts.

EDIT EDIT: whoa, just found out about https://dynalist.io/mindmap/blahblahdocid , i like it, actually works pretty well, honestly all computer implementations of mind mapping ive tried are unweildly and awkward so its par the course


Link does nothing ?


sorry, replace blahblahdocid with your docid


Didnt work