Markdown formatting characters at the end of tags

After some back and forth we are at the happy point where, if a tag ends with common closing punctuation, the punctuation is excluded from the tag. Otherwise, special characters can be used in tags. Currently ` ! ) : ; ’ , . ? are the special characters that cannot be the last character of a tag.
(Double quote " is conspicuously absent from that list. Is there a reason for that?)

I propose that markdown formatting character pairs be included in the list. That is to say, the character pairs ** == ~~ and __ should not be allowed as the last characters of a tag. When typed at the end of a tag they should be treated as markdown formatting. I am not suggesting that * or = should not be allowed at the end of a tag, only that ** and == should not.

Currently I have several instances where I am working around the problem by adding a space between the end of a tag and formatting characters.

I would also like to invite discussion regarding the " } and ] characters. I am not currently having a problem with these, but it’s not hard to imagine, particularly for double quote, and they all seem to be precisely the kind of character that has already been excluded. Again, I am not suggesting they be disallowed from tags entirely, only that they should not be allowed as the last character of a tag.

If this has been covered already and I overlooked it, please guide me.

(Note that my testing was done in the desktop application.)

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