Markdown export

Support exporting Dynalist lists as native Markdown formatted test.

This would make Dynalist a Markdown editor with outlining capabilities.

This could be an extension to the Trello issue ā€˜Customizable markdown delimitersā€™.


I would love to have customizable export functions. I often draft my ideas in an outliner but then move to a Markdown text editor later on. I currently run a number of find/replace commands using RegEx to perform the following conversions:

First level items > Markdown H1 Headers (no indent)
Second level items > Markdown H2 Headers (no indent)
Third level items > Markdown list without any indent
Fourth level items > Markdown list, with one level of indent
ā€¦ and so on.

(For really complex documents I use three levels of headers before switching to markdown lists instead of two.)


+1 exportable options means I could use dynalist to export into something like a wordpress doc w/ markdown formatting natively


Would be extremely useful for all kinds of exporting, also especially on mobile

thereā€™s a OPML to markdown exporter tool here

but you canā€™t really convert that many items here though

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I agree with everything you say. Have you tried Pandoc Itā€™s a universal markup converter written in Haskell (precompiled binaries for Mac, Windows and DEB for Debian/Ubuntu (convertible to RPM with Alien) available on GitHub) which converts between a lot of markup languages, including Pandocā€™s own Markdown dialect with several useful extensions, MMD, GFM, vanilla Markdown, HTML, LaTeX, RST, even DOCX, and notably OPML. Iā€™ve been using Dynalist for about a week and on day two I wrote a Perl script which massages Markdown converted from Dynalist OPML export, removing backslashes before punctuation characters (since Pandoc doesnā€™t see that there is Markdown in the OPML and escapes all punctuation) and letting you specify a cutoff level, which may be 0. Down to that level you get (actually preserve) headings. Below that level you get nested (unordered) lists with notes as continuation paragraphs. The script is here:


Ulysses App is the gold standard in export capabilities, to my knowledge. Over the long term, it would be great for Dynalist to build out a similar suite of export options.


Markdown export would open up a whole new market for this product. Writers who are increasingly producing words in Markdown. This single feature - which seems like it would be VERY simple to implement - could have a huge impact on revenue once writers start understanding the power of Dynalist.


Would pay for Markdown export. Dynalist is an excellent place for idea generation. With a bridge to creating markdown formatted document, it would be unparalleled.


I have implemented a simple Markdown exporter for Dynalist, if anybody would like to test it out:

Itā€™s currently fairly minimal, with a few nice features. Since it was designed primarily to convert a Dynalist repository into a format suitable for use with Obsidian, it handles internal links by converting them into wiki-style links. It can convert Dynalist items to headings or nested list items, based on a configurable ā€œdepthā€ setting. Each page can have a different configuration setting.

If you do try it, I would appreciate any feedback you might have.