Making the "copy link" feature less intrusive

Currently, if you select “copy link” in a bullet’s dropdown menu, the link gets copied to the clipboard but we can’t return to editing until we click out of a pop-up screen.

To see what I mean, here’s what currently pops up when we click “copy link”:

Here is my suggestion: Remove the pop-up screen and make the entire interaction take place within the bullet dropdown, like I’ve mocked up here:

If it’s preferred to show the user the link instead and let them copy it themselves (s/a when copying to the clipboard fails, or if it’s the preference of the UX designer), this alternative method could work instead:

Caveat: I don’t have Dynalist Pro and don’t know if it’s possible to bind a keyboard shortcut to the Copy Link feature. If that’s the case, then it’s not exactly obvious what should happen when we do that, since there is no pre-existing container for the notification to appear in. For those of us who copy through the dropdown menu, though, I’m sure there’s a solution that doesn’t require distracting the user and forcing them to perform an unnecessary interaction.


Yea with pro, if you use the keyboard shortcut, there’s no pop up

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider removing this popup!

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