Making an annual work summary report with dynalist / Weekly Sprinting

Sometimes you have to write an annual work summary every year, of things you did to workplace. With dynalist its pretty easy. Once every week, I like to summarize all the important results + notable events that happened around that time. This is sometimes referred to as “sprinting”. What I like to do is write a daily journal of things I am currently working on, things that I would like to improve, thought processes that need to go on a piece of paper or in this case dynalist. So in dynalist, I have the following doc workflow:

1-Lots of documents of things for projects I work on
2-A dedicated document for journaling / misc things

At the end of everyweek, I use tabsnooze from chrome and set it to this dynalist URL (which is a search parameter for things “edited” in the last 7 days in dynalist)

I personally like to summarize last weeks events + results of things I completed, on that following monday, which is what I consider the start of every week. Maybe you like doing it on Sunday afternoon or evening, whatever it is you can easily set this in tabsnooze. Whats important is that you set aside one day for 15mins every week to do this continuously.

So I flip through everything I edited / created, make a weekly summary in my journal log. At the end of the year, I can flip through 52 weeks of achievements / events I did and use it for a number of things like making an updated resume, annual work summary report, etc. I’ve been doing this for the last 40 weeks and its been fairly helpful in keeping track of things I do overtime. I can see when I started to take certain courses, when I started working on various projects - and when they ended, how I’ve started to quantify tracking of things a bit better, etc. This also doubles up as a way to see times that I am slacking - maybe a new video game came out, and I didn’t dedicate as much time as I used to towards professional development for instance. When I see no good quantifiable metrics of things I did that week, that only reminds me I have to do a better job summarizing things I did, or just focus on my goals better.

My weekly summary journal looks like this

Expanding out that week is my daily journal summaries looks like this.

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