Make the MacOS app run from the menu bar

First off let me say I am really happy to have found dynalist as it simply clicks with my way of thinking.
It’s great you made a native app so I wouldn’t have to have my browser open all the time. However there is currently one major flaw with it in my eyes: It’s little more than a glorified web-viewer.
The reason why this is bad (especially for the context of a productivity app) is too long for this post in detail, but here is 2 feature requests to make it better at what it’s supposed to do: help you clear your mind and get things done quicker:

  • Make it run (or give the option to run it) from the menu bar. This includes removing it from the dock / cmd-tab application switcher)
  • Introduce global shortcuts to
    a) call/hide the window
    b) create a new task e.g. at the top or a predefined spot
  • ideally also allow integration with e.g. Alfred or another launcher for even faster task creation and automation
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Great suggestions!

We’re focusing on improving the mobile app right now, and desktops will come after that, unfortunately.

Feature 2 regarding capturing information is what we want to get done first, as we believe it’s essential. The other two are great suggestions as well, but with limited resources we need to prioritize :slight_smile:


Nice to get such quick feedback!

Well of course prioritization makes absolute sense but if you will try consider it as coherent a feature set that would make your app much more attractive for people following the GTD methodology: quickly save your tasks/notes while keeping the app out of the way for the most part and only using it whenever you need to update tasks or review your current status.

Also if you consider Alfred then IFTTT and Zapier should be mentioned too but I guess with a solid & open API all those things will happen eventually :slight_smile:

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This one could help you making it an app in the menubar: