MacOS Beta - App zoom level(font size) lost at every start

Steps to reproduce

  • Start Dynalist MacOS beta
  • use View / Zoom In a few times to increase the overall font size
  • Restart Dynalist

Expected result

The zoom level/font size should be saved.

Actual result

Zoom level always jumps back to default at every restart.


OS X El Capitan 10.11.5

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I can reproduce this.

Are you using the original closed beta or the latest from the downloads page?

I ask because I can’t reproduce this myself. I zoom in on a node. Close out the app (Cmd+Q) and restart it, and I’m still at the same zoom level.

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It’s about the View menu / Zoom In command to increase font size. Will change the description to make it clear.

@Steven, that’s possible. We may not have a mechanism to remember the zoom level. Sorry about that! Will add a todo to add that in the next release.

@Yatharth_Agarwal, @butlermatt: thanks so much for helping out with verifying the bugs! :smiley:

Ah, yes, now I can replicate it.

However, what about just using the Settings, Font Size? That one should sync to all your devices and not just be limited to when you’re using it in the browsers.

@Erica I didn’t even realize there was a “zoom” functionality, that was different than the font-size. I’m curious as to why the setting is essentially duplicated, but with one version that syncs and one version that is specific to the client?

Some people like more control over how big everything looks, including the controls. Another use case is that due to both preferences and limitations, some people would like to have extremely large or small fonts. Adding whatever size that requested to the list of options is a less elegant solution that just providing a flexible way to zoom in and out. Just my personal opinion here.

Update: this should be fixed now!

I can confirm it works now! Thank you! You guys are great.

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