MacOs app window hidden

Steps to reproduce

open the app

Expected result

Dynalist window is visible

Actual result

Dynalist window is invisible (clicking the app “Show All Windows” shows empty background with blue empty rectangle border)


MacOs Mojave 10.14.6
no browser involved, just the MacOs app.
can’t tell the Dynalist app version, as there is no “about” option in the toolbar.
not using any scripts.

Additional information

Additional comments

it was working fine till a month ago or two.

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Have you tried :apple:> Force Quit > Dynalist?

Mojave is from 2018 and it’s 2021 now. Probably not much you can do about that if you’re computer can’t update anymore, but it could be the issue. I quickly glanced at google and see other Electron users with the same issue on Mojave .

You could, alternatively, use Chrome’s menu > More Tools > Create Shortcut > New Window to create a pseudo-app (PWA app) when on dynalist’s website.